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How To Maintain Your Tires
For The Most Wear & Safety

Follow the tips below to get the most wear and safety out of your tires:

  • Rotate your tires, front to rear, every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. This is especially important on front wheel drive vehicles. Doing this on a regular basis will prolong the life of your tires by a good margin.

    The tires on the front will wear faster than the rear tires, and if you don't equalize that wear by rotating them, you will be buying two tires very prematurely.

  • Always keep your tire's air pressure up to manufacturer specs and equalized in all four tires. You should check this at least once a month, because tire pressure will change depending on the air temperature. The higher the temperature the higher your air pressure will go.

    On the side of the tire you will find the max pressure rating.  This is what you should keep you pressure set at. If the ride seems too harsh drop them all down 2 or 3 psi. No more, that is, as long as you want to get maximum wear out of your tires.

    You will also get better fuel economy out of your vehicle by keeping the tires inflated to the maximum pressure rating.

  • If you notice your car pulling left or right, a slight vibration at highway speed or a thumping sensation at low speed, get your vehicle into a professional tire center and have the tires checked.  It may very well save you from wearing out a tire prematurely or even from a dangerous blowout.

Follow these simple tips to get the most wear and safety out of your tires, and you'll get better fuel mileage in the bargain too.

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