Monday, July 9, 2007

Car Dealership Responsible for Damage To Car, but They Won't Own Up!

Dear Tony,

My daughter took her truck to a dealership for repair, and it was left there. While there over the week-end they parked it outside. Monday morning they reported vehicles broken into and damaged. Hers was one of them.

Now they are telling her she has to turn in a claim to her own insurance company. Her insurance company says, No the dealer is responsible for repairs. Today I talked to her and she say now they claim she signed a waiver . . . I told her she better ask to see that!

What would your advice be? My daughter is not rich. She was so relieved to hear that the problem with her truck would be covered by her extended warranty. Now she has this to deal with.

I don’t know if laws are different in other states but I believe they are pulling fast one!

Thank you,

Karen H.

Hi Karen,

I really don't know what the legalities are here, but you would sure think the dealership would go out of its way to take care of its own customers. If your daughter did in fact sign a waiver (which I'm sure wasn't explained to her if she did sign it) and the dealership insurance company isn't responsible as a result then I don't see why her own insurance company won't cover it. If she can't get somebody to cover this she may have to talk to an attorney.

Good luck . . .

Tony Iorio

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