Monday, May 14, 2007

Will I be able to buy an extended auto warranty on an 2003 BMW 325 Lemon Buy-Back I recently purchased?

Hello Tony,

I've been reading your site and it is great!

My husband purchased a Lemon Buy-Back 2003 BMW 325 convertible about 5 months ago. The price was about $6,000-$12,000 cheaper than used cars from other dealers.

At that time, I did not know what a lemon buy-back was. It was explained that the ignition coils were the problem and were replaced. More recently, I've been doing more research into this matter and am getting worried that we overpaid for the vehicle and that we may run into problems in the future.

So far, fortunately, there have been no problems with it at all. Now, I am looking into purchasing an extended auto warranty on the vehicle since the manufacturer's warranty will be expiring soon. Do you foresee any problems with warranty companies covering this vehicle?

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Best Regards,


Hi Denise,

Thanks Denise for your kind words regarding my website.

I don't see why there would be any problem getting an extended auto warranty for your BMW. They should cover it like any other car. Most Lemon Buy-Backs don't have any major defects. The manufacturers usually buy these cars back from the original owner in order to keep the customer satisfied more so than for any major defects the vehicle may have. Any car can have a minor mechanical problem such as yours did with the ignition coils.

In most of the cases there's never any problems after the repairs, but some people worry themselves to death. In these cases the factory will buy the car back to keep the customer from having a nervous breakdown rather than because the car has any defects!

The more the customer worries about the vehicle the less satisfied they are, and the manufacturers don't want dissatisfied customers out there.

All my very best...

Tony Iorio

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